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Ishwar and Maya

Lets take a different look on the events, it may clear the meaning, of present world and reality.

Example Story- 1

Once a Guru and few pupils were discussing about some matter, sitting near to Maa Narmada, a holy river, flows in middle of Indian subcontinent. Few motor boat passed in the river and lot of wave started coming to shore, making very nice sound of kal kal kal kal, with a result, one pupil's attention distracted and got attracted toward the waves. Guru ji smiled and asked him, "Yes my learned Student, what is drawing your attention away from our discussion". The Student Replied "Guruji, the waves of Maa Narmada are looking so beautiful, coming toward shore and making signing noise". Guru ji said "Oh yes, we all are seeing it, if you are so much amused by seeing it, why do not you collect few wave and keep it with you, it will make you joyful and you will also feel blissful".

After taking permission the student walked toward shore and picked one wave, picked another wave then another wave. At last he returned to Guru ji and told, "when ever I catch wave, only water comes in my anjuli i.e. cup made with both palms".   The Guru smiled and said "you can see waves, listened the voice of waves, but the truth is there is nothing like wave, but it is just water. Water is the Upadan Kaaran (Ingradiant) of Wave and there is nothing else but water. you can not catch wave, whenever you catch wave, only the water you will get. similarly, Asat is never there, whenever you try to catch Asat, not real, you will get only Sat the truth/ real. Water is truth of it and Waves are Asat or just work of it, wave .

Example Story- 2

Once a small earthen lump was lying on a corner of a field, the lump is Jad, means lifeless entity, hence it can not have any knowledge how to get transformed into many clay items, nor it can learn how to make pot from it. The reality is that, he did not know that it is earthen lump. The Prakriti is Jad, it can not have any knowledge, memory, sense nor it can do any thing, till someone work on it. One day a Potter saw it and found it very good for making one Matka ie. Storage water pot, for public, so that all can drink water, as summer were starting in few weeks.

He brought that Lump in home, soaked it in Water and started making dough. After long time of making and doing lot of hard work, he felt, as per his knowledge and skill, that dough is now got the right texture and wetness, he put that on potter wheel. made a very big and good Matka, and kept it under a Tree, near to road side. He was filling it daily with drinking water, and many people who were passing by, were drinking cold and sweet water from it.

Now the Story starts, please give your attention:-

All users were praising sweetness and coldness of water, and the Matka was feeling lot of pride, but once he saw that when people are drinking water few drops are falling on ground, and the bouncing drops, after hitting soil, were making shoes and pants of visitors, dirty, as soil was getting mixed with bouncing drop. The Matka becme very sad and angry with soil. One day due to breez air some soil got collected near to Matka, Matka took chanse to speek to and said, "You are so dirty and doing insane act by defacing shoes and cloths of my visitors". Soil replied "I never do any such thing, the drop falls on me and takes some part of my soil with them, I can not stop them, nor to Air as when it comes it just takes away lot of soil as dust with it".  The Matka did not stop kept cursing soil and after listening lot of cursing words from Matka/ pot, soil said to Matka, "If you feel that I am so dirty and insane, then just please return back all my soil to me, I will go away". Matka said, "I do not have any soil, you can check it". Soil smiled and said, "please see in your self". The Pot started looking in it, and found that there is nothing else, there, except soil.

Dear Reader, if soil is taken out from Earthen Pot, what will be left. There will be no Pot, only soil. We buy Earthern Pot, use it, and keep it safe, but the fact is that it is nothing but soil and the Matka what ever we see is just an imagination and work of Potter and he made it from soil. If the Pot break, then only soil will be left, hence Soil is Sat and the Pot which we use, buy and keep in home, is just an imagination or skilled work of Potter.

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