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Ishwar and Maya

We wish to present 3rd Example through a improvised one more Story from Chandogya Upnishad.

Example Story- 3

Once there was very famous Business man, dealing on Wheat and Grains. He was having export business, and few own big ships made of wood, meant for exporting his own products. He was very Rich and kind too, hence all people of city, were directly and indirectly working for him. One day he got news that in far country, due to war, his all ships along with wheat and Rice are burned. That was his biggest consignment, and all his own ships and many also other hired ships, were used for this delivery, to be delivered to King of another country, as that country had draught problem. After getting such big loss, after selling his house and land, he paid all the dues to those people, from whom he hired other ships, and left the city with family, with some necessary items. He was unable to stay there, with low condition, so he went very far city, where no one was knowing him.

He found one job with a Rice merchant and showed his capability, through his work and decisions. The merchant was very happy with him, one day merchant told, that he is now becoming old, he wants to sell his two ships, you are young and if you wish to buy those ships, I can sell both of you, in the price of one.

He became exited as now he has chance to get back his glory, he went home and told this to his wife, his wife said, "I have brought my diety Lord Ganesha and Mushak (Rat) they are made of Gold, you can keep the with some Gold smith and take money. Soon you will be able to earn, and then bring them back." He liked the idea and offered prayer to Lord and asked forgiveness that he is keeping them a gaurantee for loan from Goldsmith, then he took them to Gold Smith and requested him if he can give some loan, to him, and keep Gold Lord Ganehsa and Mushak as gurantee, in one year, Ii will repay you with interest, and will take them back.

The Gold smith evaluated both, both were made of pure gold and weighing 5 kg each, so Gold smith told him weight of both of item is 5 kg each so, as per Rate of Gold, I will be able to give you cost of 9 Kg gold and 1 kg cost will be kept as security. The business man told, how Lord Ganesha can be equal to Mushak, you must pay some respect to lord. The Gold smith replied, I am buying Gold, you take out your Lord Ganesha and Mushak from it, and give me gold and you may take the money. The Busines man got big shock and also started thinking, yes the Goldsmith is right, the Lord Ganesha and Mushak is the creativity of maker, in reality it is Gold only.

The creativity has price if we are buying creativity, Maya has price, if we are in it and attached to it, will value something and consider himself rich or poor.

The Gold smith saw the truth, and saw it as gold only, as gold brick or Gold coin or Gold lump etc. Gold is truth, the item made from it, is just made from imagination and thought and skill of maker.

In Universe everything is made of Soil, water, fire, air and Space (it occupies), and it is just recycling form time to time. The Water drank by someone millions of year ago, it is the same recycled water, we are drinking and is part of our body now and was  part of some other living  from time to time, between this gap of million of years. Same is with soil, it was in plants, it was in animal, they again mixed in soil and soil become part of some new plant or living body.

After a long silence, a Pupil asked Guruji, does it means, nothing is existing and all is Asat, then how it is said, the Sat is everywhere, everything is full of sat i.e."नाभावो विद्यते सतः"

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