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Ishwar and Maya

Lets go further little Deeper on discussing Ishwar and Maya

We understand this topic is very big and deep, that even after discussing it for years the last word may be "I do not know" or "That’s it".

But still, We would like to write something on it, we have to do it, and we should do it, not because, we like to write it, but by discussing it here, we will remain remembering Lord and will talk about him as well as Maya, the creation of Lord and part of Lord and can give strength to this BHAV. We may refer to Upnishads and Gita, known as Voice of God, for it, nothing from our thought or mind..

One of the best description can be done by Ishwar him self, as in Gita Chapter 2 sholoka 16, God told about Maya in Jagat and Ishwar, in the form of Sat and Asat.

नासतो विद्यते भावो नाभावो विद्यते सतः
"NaAsto Vidyate Bhavo, NaAbhaavo Vidyate Satah."

Means "the Asat, which is present, is not existing at all, and The Sat is filled everywhere there is no place, where the Sat is not present, it is full every where.”

Asat does not means false but it means things created through maya or by using Maya as Material, and the universe, what we see existing, is not as what we are seeing, the reality is totally different from it and is there and it is the only reality what is really existing.  Almost all knowledge of Veda is all about it, and still it is not enough to expalin it but lets try explain it with help of examples as well as through explanations.

The Asat, which is present, the present means which can be sensed by our sense organs and can be felt by mind and then understood by Intelligence or Buddhi बुद्धि

If some one is seeing a bird flying, he acknowledges the presence of bird and says yes, bird is present, I am seeing it.

If some one, while sitting in a room, listens the talking of two person, then he
says "Yes few persons are here", and if he recognize the voice then he will say "Yes, Mr.Morgan Freeman , was there, I listened him talking to some one".

A kid get smell of Mango or ice cream in home, immediately he asks, "Who is eating Mango or ice cream?". Even though he is not seeing or listening it, yet he immediately gets the presence of Ice Cream or Mango.

If some one ate mixed salad but unable to see, listen, smell the piece of pineapple, and ate it, then he immediately reacts, oh it is pineapple in Salad, I do not like pineapple.

If some one touch a soft foam, with blind fold, he recognizes the touch of Rubber foam or any solid or hot or cold item and says yes it is present here.

Means the world, we identify or know or realize or experience, is through these sense organs and we understand the truth of it.

If we can not see some thing, not smell, nor any sound, nor any touch or taste, for us that is not existing or we are unable to recognize it. We can not see air but we feel it so we say, yes cold air is blowing or it is hot air, and say yes Air is existing.


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