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Understanding Maya and Nature

Maya has been, most commonly, described as Illusion or mirage or unreal entity or Non Existing entity or something like that. Yes, it is very much like that, but while living, it is not possible to say like that. Nature, world, Society, Family etc. makes our life and life in reality is very practical entity and little error or mistake or accident makes a big change in us. Vedant says, In Jagat, Universe, everthing other then IshwarTattva (Tattve i.e. element/ touch/ being etc.) is Maya, no doubt, it is a perfect definition or explaination of Maya. Even if, we agree that World is an illusion, we can not hit the head on wall, nor one should do it. Life is our practical experience, it can not be questioned, whatever may be the arguments or explainations or teachings, we cannot say, I am not human, or he is not my son, or she is not my mother or I never require food hence never require to earn it too. It is our Aproksh Gyan i.e. we do not require any certification or guidance or evidence of what and how are we passing through life and it is life or not, it is true or not. Our life is itself a certificte or evidence of it.

Maya is much bigger and deeper than just an illusion. Nature (Prakriti), which we see every where, is just a part/ work of Maya, as waves are part/ work of an ocean. Just by seeing a wave, no one can assess the depth and Bigness of the ocean, similarly, Nature can be understood by seeing, touching, tasting, listening and smelling the different things in nature, but the Nature is just a work of Maya, Maya is much bigger and deeper beyound our understanding. Nature i.e. mother nature holds all the seen or felt power of universe, from moving of clusters of Galaxies to collusion of stars, planets and hitting of small stone to another stone. It also holds all the different forms of life, as per their environment, either on soil or water or air or any other planet in existing universe. It is just a small part of Maya, a signature of Maya or a branch or segment or part of power of Maya.

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