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Understanding Maya and Nature


Maya has three forms, Shakti (knows as Power of Ishwar) Prakriti (Creative Power of Ishwar (power to creat livable body for Jeeva or Dehi  and Universe (Galaxies, Stone, water etc)) and Maya (Trapping the Jeeva in world, through illusion leading to desire greed karma etc in it) itself.

Nature or Prakriti is existing world, all universes or Lok, (i.e. Earth, heaven and hell) , where any thing can live or any form of life, can stay or exist, are covered in it. All are covered by Prakriti or nature and made of Prakriti or Nature or nature is the only entity, by which they are made of or created. Which means all the universe which are existing in our waking state, is Nature, and all that is made of Nature only, Maya only.

These Three form of Maya always active, as Ishwar is Infinite and always present. As Ishwar is Anaadi and Anant, Maya is also Anaadi and Anant, but Material and to be used and lived. Ishwar is the user, maker having ichha (will, desire etc), Karma (Able to work) and Gyan (Knowledge of doing or creating).

The Difference of Maya and Prakritiy, is that Prakrity is Heard, Felt, Seen, Tasted and Smelled by the Jeeva, but the Maya is more then that. The Jeeva, whatever can think, how much far he can think, what ever can dream, is all the Maya. In Aranya Kaand of RamCharitManas, Lord Ram told to Lakshman, "गो गोचर जहँ लगि मन जाई। सो सब माया जानेहु भाई।। Go Gochar Janah lagi man jaai, so sab mayaa jaanehu bhai" means all the world sensed through  ear, skin, eyes, tongue(taste) and nose (smell), and to the, extreme, point, up to where the mind can reach or think or dream, is Maya. The Nature i.e. every thing in existing world can be felt by senses (all seen and unseen entity), and other then Seen Nature is every thing which is not existing but Imagine, think, dreamed and felt by mind, is Complete Maya.  

The Maya (Trapping the Jeeva in world, through illusion leading to desire greed karma etc in it), is felt by all individual entities, individually, I and Mine, you and yours all that Maya Spread in Jeeva and holding everyone in this Bottomless PitWell type of world, from where no Jeeva can come out. Means that Maya resides occupy or rule in the mind of Jeeva, makes him trapped forever in Me, Mine, you and yours.


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