QUESTION: I dream of being wealthy. What in a chart indicates wealth or poverty?

Material wealth is the blessing of hard planets (Saturn, Mars, Sun, Ketu, Rahu) and has no relation with intellect, peace, health, and knowledge. In fact, Wealth is one of the most controversial aspects of Vedic astrology. Wealth (Dhan) is defined as having nine forms:

Shanti Dhanam - Peace in life

Bhudhi Dhanam - Intellect

Gyan Dhanam - Education or knowledge

Bhagya Dhanam - Luck

Pashu Dhan - Animals

Krishi Dhanam - Agricultural

Drav - Matter

Sokhya Dhanam - Pleasing or amusing

Dhanaay Dhanam - Wealth of wealth (Wealth which remains with family and increases with time)

Dhan means Money or something prized, due to which one feels comfortable in worldly affairs. Except for Drav (Matter) all other wealth is indirect wealth, from which Drav itself can be produced or acquired. Matter itself cannot produce any other Dhan. For example, we can purchase a bed, but not peaceful and deep sleep. The Goddess Lakshami is regarded as the holder of Dhan. Wealth is also known as Buddhi and Riddhi. The first is knowledge and the second is Dhanam or wealth. It is thought that if Riddhi attracts someone, he or she gets sleepless nights and in the daytime becomes easy pray of his thoughts and desires.

In Vedic astrology, Wealth occurs in one of three ways: First, by Prarabdh (by previous deeds one takes birth in a rich family); second, wealth is self-earned, and third, it is gained suddenly due to speculation or as a gift from Nature.

Wealth (Drav) is generally indicated by the 2nd, 11th , and 12th houses. The Second house rules earning or income, the 11th house is known for balance profit, and the 12th house expenses. Analysis of the various strength of these houses will give an indication of the native’s wealth.

Below we give a few of the well known yogas or combinations that indicate wealth. Some very accurate poverty yogas (known as Daridar yogas) are also given. Horoscopes can have both wealth yogas and poverty yogas, indicating the person will both earn and spend. If the Poverty yogas are less potent than the Dhan, or Wealth, yogas, the person will surely be wealthy. Yogas in the parents’ horoscopes will also effect the children. For example, the Dhan Yoga of a person born in a Royal family will surely have a powerful effect on their children. For a person born into a poor family, the only thing which will make a difference is the combined impact of a Dhan yoga, Raja yoga, and any yogas of Fame. Due to the combined impact of these three yogas a person can break the limiting effect of their families.

The following yogas are known as very potent Dhan (Wealth) Yogas. The presence of any in a horoscope surely indicates that the person will be wealthy.


A Few Yogas or Combinations Indicating Poverty in Life.


Wealth Without Any Effort.

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