When we should take its help.

QUESTION: When we should take its help.

Reply :- Help, is help, and any one can take it any time, but the best is to get it checked if there is really some Tantra or Occult or Entity or some mystic force effecting you, or some one is trying to destroy your status or wants to ruin you or wants to defame you by using some Evil Tantik or Psychic or such powerful person. The true Tantrik or Psychic always supports innocence and by using his life power or Pran Sakti, or Mantra Shakti, finds if really it is there or not, and without any delay arrange for protection of his or her client. 

There are some special occassion and signs, and if you have any two or more in your life then, without delay must contact some Tantra Guru or some powerful person


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