Are Ghosts and evil shadows are real.

QUESTION: Are Ghosts and evil shadow are real?

Reply :- It is real and unreal both. It is just like life in body or thoughts in mind, which can not be seen but can be felt. only the person who gets effected by them or to whom they want to disturb or destroy,  only they can feel it or sense it or know it that they are there. else no one can see them or feel them. Just like love, you will know that you have it, when you get it.

We never tell any one to challenge any unseen power, because it is Sookshm (which can be felt only), like life, and can control you through your excitement. If you donot believe on them, it is good but do not ignore them too, no need to challenge to such things. We have seen that due to such tests several people gets lot of losses including limb loss to mental balance loss.


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