Ram Shalaka
Holiest quick way to find the reply of present and forthcoming questions.

 The following Shri Ram Prashna Shalaka is one of the most famous way of knowing about the destiny of work or journey or other such questions. It is very famous in Rural India and has been created by  Sant Tulsi Das. It is saind that with the blessings of Lord Rama, he designed this and all the relies comes out in the form of Poetry lines of Holy Book or Ram Charit Manas. We have found it very good in giving replies to immediate questions.

According to living style of that time, public use to go to holy learned persons or Saint for their blessing and for getting solution of their problem, of course for asking future too. It is also said that Acharya Tulsidas was very good astrology too, the mentioning of Nakshatra and Planets in Ram Charit Manas is evident. According to old story famous in Eastern and Souther UP, India, , whenever any one use to say "Jai Siya Ram" to Tulsidas and use to ask the help of Tulsidas, then Lord Hanuman himself use to help him. While writing Ram Charit Manas, Lord Hanuman use to stay with Saint Tulsi Das, and Lord Ram use to bless his every letter.

With the blessing of God Ram, Saint TulsiDas made this Ramal type of Chart, to which he named Ram Shalaka. We found it very good, and according to Acharya Ji, (H.H. Mananacharya Ji), if any one listens Shri Ram Charit Manas, or Reads Ram Charit Manas or belives on Supreme Lord, and remembers him with heart, this Shalaka guides him and show him the tells him the light for life.

How To Use It
(1) Close your eyes, Remember Lord Ram and Goddess Sita, with Lord Hanuman, sitting at the feet of Lord Ram.
(2) Concentrate on your question, and reduce it to the minimum words,
(3) Click on any of the letters in the boxes with closed eyes and remembering Lord Rama by heart.

Jai Siya Ram,
All respect to Acharya,
All Respect to Ram Bhakat Hanuman,
All Respect to Supreme Lord Ram

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