What is Holy Offering

QUESTION: What is Holly offering? Are they different then normal offerings? 

Reply:- Offering made by Priest or Prayee to God or through Havan or Yagayan through the Lord Agni are called Holy Offerings. Holy offering are done in a procedureal way which is as follows
  1. Before Starting of Prayer the Priest ties holy thread in the wrist of native and gives him or her Sankalp (Will) that till the completion of Yagaya he will remain with Native or with his cosmic presence (Like Pic etc), and Similarly Native gives his or her Sankalp that he will remain honoring and obeying the Priest.
  2. The area of Yagayan got purified by Mantras and sprinkling water through Mantra Powered Mango Leafs, and all offering which includes 
    1. Cloths for Priest
    2. Fruits for GOD
    3. Durba (a kind of Grass)
    4. Paan Leave
    5. Supari
    6. Dry Fruits
    7. Coconut
    8. Ghee (Ghrit) made from Cow Milk
    9. Sandal wood
    10. Rice
    11. Precious metal and Gems
  3. All article are gardually touched by the Native, one by one, as and when Priest tells him to do, during the Chanting Mantra and offeres them to Priest and get it touched by Havan Agni (as Agni takes them to Baikunth, where Lord resides). 
  4. After completion the Native donate one or more Cow and other gift to Priest (depend on natives will)


This sequence or way of offering in Prayer is known as holy offering, and its effect is more powerful then several Karma of Psychic or other effects. We have seen lot of health, wealth and peace gain through it, when astrology and Tantra were just proved powerless.


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