What is Prayer

QUESTION: What is Prayer? 

Reply:- Prayer is the sequence of words or sentences,  which are said or recited or chanted or memorized which tells how kind full, how beautiful, how much potent, how much beloved is our Supreme Parent or GOD. The soul of prayer is not the word or rituals, or things which are offered to GOD but to know that God is there and you are just talking and singing before him, as a little child talks to his or her parent. 

It seems very simple but to attain the "Knowing" is very very difficult, the person who is having child like faith, child like heart and child like sense, holiness and innocence.

If such person prays to God and ask Gods Kindness for any one, such prayer Proves Miracle. It is an ancient saying that where nothing works Prayers proves Miracle, as Only God can give every thing.

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