(Late) H.H.Wade
Tribute to Heavenly Blessed Human, who visited our planet now gone back to the Regime of GOD

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Howard was in New Delhi.From Feb04 to April 04

    We feel very sad, our soul feels a lot of pain, while informing you that, our Beloved and honored President of Vedalink Inc, His Excellency (Late) Howard H. Wade, Has Gone Back to His Universe, the Paramdhaam, the Land Of God.    

We wish to share his moments, with you. This Gallery is dedicated to him, all the pictures are taken by him as well as Sh.Acharya Ji while is visit to India, during 2004. We request you to kindly pray to God to Bless peace to his soul, and remain loving him as his Best son. We also pray to god to bless him with all kindness and bless his family as well friends too who will miss him.

Tributes- Messages from Friends and Visitors

(1)    I Pray to god to bless all the peace to his soul and Give strength to his family to bear this unrecoverable loss. :- Dr.Bhagat Singh,  New Delhi, India"

(2)    I offer my prayers for him, and pray to GOD to accept my prayer and bless his soul with all his kindness. :- Dr. Chandagi Ram,  New Delhi, India"

(3)    I Pray to god to bless all the peace to his soul. He was our friend, he was guide and always loving to us. .- Molly, New Delhi, India"

(4)    When ever, I play Rock, Paper Scissors, his face just floats before my eyes, I love him, he was my best friend, he gifted Bi cycle to me. I love him.- Kartik,  New Delhi, India"

(5)     Oh my God, I am sure that there is shortage of GOOD souls in Gods home too, therefore he called him back, I can not believe on it- Baba, Tour Operator  New Delhi, India"

(6)     He Was very nice fellow, always saying HI to us. We can not believe on it- Anil,  New Delhi, India"

(7)    We pray to God to bless him with peace, He was very innocent and simple, person - Ashish, New Delhi, India"

(8)     He was very nice person, I liked his thoughts, I enjoyed working and talking with him. I pray to God for his Peace. - Sarabjit Singh Bhatia,  New Delhi, India"

(9)     His visit to our Resort, we never felt that he is our guest, he became part of us, immediately, we felt him as our elder brother - Bisht,  Owner of Tapovan Resort,  Rishikesh, India"

(10)    I pray to Allah, to remain mercyful to him and bless him with all kindness. I feel tearing, he liked and enjoyed my head massage services, and I promissed him that when he will come here again, I will give my services again. :- Salim Bhai,  Hair Dresser, New Delhi, India"

(11)   He was real lover of Fruites and was having very good knowledge about them. His tips helped us in Identifying Good Fruits and packing. We are shocked, we pray to God to bless him with peace, - Mishra Ji,  Fruit Seller,  New Delhi, India"

(12)   It is hard to belive, he promised me that he will come again to India, and will stay with me for few time - Moyal,  New Delhi, India"

(13)   Bhagwan acchey logon ko Jaldi bula leta hai. (God, always calls back early, to good people) - Seva Ram Aggarwal,  New Delhi, India"

(14)   We were unable to pronounce his name, so we use to call him "American Bhai" (Americal Brother), we felt him as our elder brother a part of our family, in 6 weeks he dissolved in our heart - Jitu, Technician,  New Delhi, India"

(15)   Howard uncle was so sweet, I can not forget him - Gudda, little kid,  New Delhi, India"

(16)   Howard Uncle ki bahoot yaad aaye gi (We will remember Howard a lot) - Mannu, Kid,  New Delhi, India"

(17)   We were so happy that he liked our food, We also tried to serve him the best hygenic Food - Rawat, Cook at Rishikesh,  New Delhi, India"

(18)   During his Stay at Haridwar, and his visits to Temples, we we really felt his respect toward GOD, Even though he was not Indian, but we felt him very holy, I felt it, while driving for him. - Kharbanda Ji,  Owner of Tourist Service of Arpit Guest House , Haridwar, India"

(19)   Seeing and talking with him, was like being with some very noble Vedic Scholar, He was really a great philosopher. It was our luck that we met him and intracted with him, and he visited our Guest house. - Gupta Ji,  Owner of Arpit Guest House, Haridwar, India"

(20)   We are missing him since he left to USA, but our hope was alive, that he will come back soon and we again work on PC. It is like some thing precious has been vanished... - P. Gupta,  New Delhi, India"

(21)   It seems, Just yesterday he came here and brought Cashewnuts Packet from us.. He was owner of Angle smile .. - Subhash Chopra, Confectionary Shop Owner New Delhi, India"

(22)   He was the true son of God, sharing smiles with all He always loved his people And spent his life in serving them And always tried to keep their hopes alive. God has called him back And left us dumb It seems HE loved him more May he get rest in the feet of GOD - Dr.Seema Chandhok, New Delhi, India

(23)   I pray to God that send Mr.Howard H. Wade again back on this earth to help people. :- Parminder Singh, Chembur, Bombay, INDIA

(24)   I am shocked while I came to know that Mr. H.H. Wade has left us. I still remember that when he was in India, I had spent good time with him, and took him to his Guest house in my car, and he was such a nice person. I had a great time with Mr. H.H. Wade, an humble and down-to-earth person. I will pray for him that God gives peace to his great soul, and he gets a place near to God in Dhaam.:- Umesh Sharma, South Africa

(25)   My sincere tributes to HH Wade. May the Lord bless the soul all the time in his shelter:-Rajeshwara Nand Tandon, Drewvale-4116, Qld- Australia

(26)   "Eternal Father, I offer Thee the most Precious Blood of Jesus, with all the Masses being said all over the world this day for the Holy Soul of Howard H.Wade........amen :-Dionysius M.Harry, Singapore

(27)   "May his Holy Soul rest in Eternal Peace and he may be with You, God in your eternal Kingdom in Heaven.....amen :-Dionysius M.Harry, Singapore

(28)   "May God bless his family members and all his friends with eternal joy and peace......amen :-Dionysius M.Harry, Singapore

(29)   "We all will definitely not forget his "trade mark" which is his warm, friendly and charming smile of his for a very very long time.:-Dionysius M.Harry, Singapore

(30)   "The world is now a much less peaceful and brighter place to live it without him now.:-Dionysius M.Harry, Singapore

(31)   "May God bless his Soul to rest in peace :-Yogesh Yadav, New Delhi

(32)   "I pray to god that send Mr Howard H.Wade again back on this earth to help people.:- H.S.Vasanthalakshmi, Bangalore, India

(33)   "I wish piece to his soul":- Sanjay Shinde, India

Mom , has send her Thanks, she got strength after reading your mails.

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