QUESTION: I consider myself a spiritual seeker. How is enlightenment / spiritual realization / liberation shown in a chart?

According to Dwait (dualistic) philosophy, Enlightenment, or spiritual liberation, is the end result of a continuous process that starts from the first incarnation of a Jeev (a spirit/soul). Everyone will attain liberation and with the blessing of God, our right path will lead us to Him. In the process all must go through repeated birth and rebirth. What we know as life is named CHETNA, or senses, the ultimate use of which is to progess toward Chaitenya, or liberation or mixing in God.

Advaita (non-dualistic) philosophy is contrary to this, in that it denies all that we are seeing and feeling. The only truth is God, who was never born and will never die. He gave birth to all of existence, including ourselves. There is no reason to ask for liberation for being part of of him we are already liberated. Thus, according to Advaita, liberation or similar concepts have no meaning. (See also the Purpose of Jyotish).

According to Vedic Astrology, there are certain Yogas which indicate a person's knowledge, depth of understanding, and advancement. The following yogas indicate that a person has a higher blessing of God and either is enlightened or will become so.

In all, there are more then 108 Yogas which indicate higher intellect, enlightment, or liberation.


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