QUESTION: How does Jyotish explain the deaths of many people at one time, such as occur in a plane crash, or a ship sinking, or a natural disaster such as an earthquake?

There is a yoga called "Sanghatak Maran Yoga" which, when it occurs in a person's chart, means that the person will die along with many others. This yoga is formed by any of the following planetary combinations:

Such yogas are frequently found in the charts of persons who experience a sudden death, such as happens in earthquakes or other disasters. Also, other related Upkaram Yogas, which are similar to the above yogas having a malefic Mars, will produce the same effect. Mars is the planet, which gives a sudden end without any forewarning or intuition to the person.

Generally, if Mars is strong, but the Moon and Ketu are also strong, the person will fall into trouble, but will escape death. This is because Ketu is very intuitive, and the Moon reduces the malefic impact of Mars. When such yogas are seen, the life line in the person's hand are thin or shorter than they would be otherwise. If the Moon is depressed, the middle area of the palm will be very plain. If Rahu and Venus are strong, the person will usually die after becoming wealthy and the end is never with an empty stomach (i.e., the person is impoverished). Here, longevity depends on the Moon, which if it is strong, drags the person to some healing center where he or she is given water before dying. If the Moon is placed in the same house with malefic planets, other than the 8th house lord, the person dies thirsty and with the mother.

There are several other Yogas which indicate that the person will have the head crushed, be burned, buried, drowned in the ocean or a river, or be buried below the earth (landslide), etc. For example, if Venus is located in an air sign or is impacted by the 8th lord or by a planet in the 8th house, a vehicle of the air (airplane) will be the cause of Sanghatak Maran (dying in a group or along with many other persons). If Venus is located in a water sign, the death will be due to ship or boat, etc. If Saturn and Mars is with the Sun and Rahu, death will occur below the earth's surface, as in a mine accident, etc. If the Moon is also there, then it can be below the ocean or in a flooded mine or somehow getting drowned. There are more then 14,000 combination which can occur, including mass suicide or through the attack of a mad person. The late Prof. Shri B.V. Raman has written a book discussing this. According to him, such can also occur if the yoga is in the Navamsha.

Sometimes the person may not have such a yoga in their horoscope, but due to a very strong and related yoga found in the horoscope of their parent, brother, sister, or spouse, the person falls victim to such an event. The remedy is to strengthen their Moon (feelings, intuition), so that the person can shield themselves from the relative's yoga. Also, one can receive protection from Jupiter which, if strong and well placed in the chart, will shield the person. Although a strong Jupiter never allows Mars or Saturn to show the full strength of their anger, the person will not remain fully untouched by negative effects. The person will get some illness or injury or perhaps a little poisoning, but they will surely escape from any strong negative impact. The most powerful and auspicious remedy to receive help from the Moon and Jupiter together is "touching the feet of the parent early in the morning and taking their blessings." This is not only a good thing to do in general, but is a very strong remedy for various malefic cosmic effects.

Some persons having a long life span, but due to a bad transit of Mars, may get injured in an event that kills thousands. The calculation of astrological life span which is based on Nakshatra vs. Real length of the life lived is one of the most painful aspects of this. It is mentioned in some texts that a great difference in these two means a longer disturbed time in bodiless existence, or Prayet Yoni. (Prayet means Ghosts; Yoni signifies human, animal, plant, etc. It is the unseen but very much felt 'other world', or world of Ghosts). To reduce the pain of a departed one and to ensure early reincarnation for him or her, relatives perform rituals so that Mother Earth will loan them elements to reincarnate (soil, fire, air, water, etc.) so that they can escape from Prayet Yoni. For all unnatural and untimely deaths a puja is offered in Krukshetra of Northern India. Similarly, a donation as well as puja is also offered in Pushkar, the only place where Lord Bhrama is worshiped.

In Vedic Astrology, analysis in respect of Yam (the lord of Death) is regarded as sinful, and curses have been written for any astrologer who performs it, as well as for anyone who reads it. These will pass from generation to generation.


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