QUESTION: What indicates having children, the number of children, and happiness with children? What is the reason that some births are still born or the couple remains childless?

Healthy and good children are a real key to peace in life. The deeds of a person and his or her ancestors determine the way in which the person will receive this blessing of Nature. Indeed, the whole of Nature must work to arrange the birth and raising of a child. When a child is born it is as if Nature makes a new world.

In Vedic Astrology children are judged from the 5th house and its lord. In general, if the 5th house or its lord are conjunct or aspected by benefic planets, the children will be healthy and relations with them happy. If related to malefic planets, the opposite will be true. Jupiter is also a Karaka (indicator) for children. If Jupiter is strong, well-aspected, and occupies a good house, and conjunct benefic planets, the indications of happiness with children is greatly enhanced. If weak, badly placed or aspected, there will likely be unhappiness from children.

Following are some specific yogas about children.

Happiness from Children

Any of the following states of the 5th lord always ensures birth of children:

No children/Delayed Birth/Miscarriage

Number of Children

Sex of Children

Adopted Children

Yogas for Childlessness

Childlessness is usually regarded as a curse of deeds in a past birth or the deeds of one’s ancestors. To escape the situation, one must satisfy the angry moment in time due to which the situation arose. As an example we give yoga related to this and the planetary combinations that represent it.

Sarp Shaap Suta Kshay Yog

According to Garg and Narad Naadi, Sarp Shaap yoga is the major cause of miscarriages. According to this yoga, no male child can take birth alive or can survive more than 3 1\2 months. We have seen that when such yoga is found, medicine or well developed medical sciences become helpless.

Sarp Shaap Suta Mrityu yoga means death of son due to Snake’s curse. From childhood the person will experience mysterious dreams, especially related to reptiles or snakes, etc. When the baby is in the womb and the person sees such a dream and has any of the following yogas, it indicates that a painless miscarriage is very near that will take away the life that is growing in the womb.

The combinations of planets which form this yoga are as follows:


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